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YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships 2016

"To be a volunteer at the Yonex All England Open Badminton Championships is to participate in the best organised badminton championships in the world."- Volunteer Driver

Welcome to the BADMINTON England Volunteers Portal

We are on the lookout for more people to get involved and become Badminton England volunteers to help make our sport happen

Whatever your skills and no matter how much time you can commit, there is a volunteering role for you to give back to the sport and make badminton happen

Why get involved?

There are lots of reasons why you might want to get involved in badminton volunteering - as well as giving something back to your sport, volunteering increases confidence and self esteem, enables you to meet new people and make friends, helps improve your organisation and teamworking skills, enhances your CV, gives you invaluable experience in different roles, helps develop transferable skills and provides new challenges.

How can you get involved?

Simple really, just register and then find someone who needs your help. Whatever your skills and no matter how much time you can commit, there is a volunteering role for you to give back to the sport and make badminton happen

Do you need volunteers?

If you are in dire need of an army of volunteers yourself locally, don't fret! We are here for you as well. Just enter some details on the database and we will help you search for someone to help.

Badminton England North

Hi Everyone, We have an opportunity for a UKCC Level 1 or UKCC Level 2 badminton coach to lead an established social/family oriented group at The Waudby Centre, Helmswell Road, Hull HU9 5LD every Saturday between 10.30am – 12.30pm. It is a remunerated position - up to £25 per hour - depending on qualification/package required. Rackets and training aids for the session are provided by The ..

Badminton England North

Fantastic opportunity for a level 2 coach to work in a satellite club and deliver coaching to young and talented badminton players in Lancashire. The coach would need to be a level 2 or above and have some experience of delivering sessions on their own ..

Badminton England

Avon County Badminton Association require a local champion for Badminton volunteering to find and support new volunteers with the sport. Main duties could include: Promoting Badminton volunteering within the county, Lead on getting more Badminton volunteers within the county, Support local Badminton volunteers within their roles, Promote development opportunities available to local volunteers, ..

Womens Badminton Academy

Suitable for women sports leaders/coaches who would like to gain some coaching experience...

Northwood Junior Badminton Club

We are looking for a coach looking at doing their level 1, giving you experience and always being in hands of a registered coach..

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